• Reliability

    Reliability - Introducing ... the MyShuttle experience.

    When it comes to service in the shuttle service & tourism industry most customers look for reliability in a service provider. Reliability is our core competence and we pride ourselves on meeting every service request, even beyond our capacity, without any loss of service quality.

  • Innovation

    Innovation - Introducing ... the Myshuttle Difference

    With so many service providers out there why choose MyShuttle? Well, in order to achieve differentiation, innovative concepts have been introduced into the way our business operates by harnessing the benefits which mobile technology offers us today.

  • Faith

    Faith - Introducing ... the MyShuttle culture

    Inherent in every business are elements of risk which may hinder it from performing at its best ... and when operating in a high risk industry sometimes all you have is a 'prayer' to rely on. Faith and failsafe planning are cornerstones of the business's operations.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Our Company

“We want to help our clients reach their destination, timely & safely, so that they may utilize their time to its fullest potential.
Just as we constantly update and improve our services, we want to continually evolve our company to be in the best position to accelerate new technologies as they emerge and to better serve our customers.”

– We will redefine the way people move –

We help people reach & exceed their goals

We provide people with safe & easy mobility to any destination

We leverage our transport service to be an indispensable part of peoples’  businesses & lifestyles

What we do

What we do Airport Transfers

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What we do Point-to-Point Transfers

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What we do Conferences

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What we do Nightlife Transfers

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Corporate Status


BEE Status LEVEL 4 Contributor

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Our Values
Reliability is the capstone value of the organization.

Our staff is geared to meet each and every service request to the best of their ability.
We regard a given time as a promise, and we intend to keep all our promises.
Our service will shine as a light at all times for our clients in the midst of their darkness whilst traveling.
We are there for others as much as we are there for our own.
Our organization will consistently serve the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders to the detriment of none.

Innovation is the value by which we "fly"

Our commitment & passion fuels each of us to recognize our potential to push beyond limits.
We will strive to break new ground by redefining the way we meet the needs of those we serve.
Our clients & customers will determine the value of our innovation.
We encourage intrapreneurship and reward those who wish to succeed.
Our innovative aim is to achieve a ubiquitous service.

Faith is the means by which we "live & work"

Our faith is shown in our beliefs of being accountable; displaying integrity & honesty and respecting the dignity of all.
We believe that, “Men can be brought closer to God through work".
Our mistakes will be our teachers, not our shortcomings.
We each serve a cause greater than ourselves.
Our goal, is to be of service to all.


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Contact Us

Tel                   (+27)     87 802 8524
                 (+27)     86 548 2939
After hours      
(+27)     72 241 3554
Office Hours
     9am – 6pm      I      Monday – Friday
                        9am – 1pm      l      Saturday

Mission Statement

To provide a globally competitive transport service that exceeds customer expectations through reliability, faith and innovation.

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